Author event 2019.



Who else got tickets to next years Books by the Bridge event? I got mine.

I did miss out on the VIP tickets but I got morning ones.

I don’t even mind because I am going to meet ABBI GLINES !!!!!!!!!!!!


Enough said. Now I just need to decide which book to take to get signed by her.


Who are you looking forward to meeting?


Rhi x






To the moon and back.

I’m going to dedicate this little blog post to the moon in honor of my blogs name. Since I decided on the name I have gone a little crazy with all things moon related…

I have had some help. My partner is a photographer and spends most of his spare time searching for that amazing shot. Lately he has been going out at night so he can get me a cool shot of the moon and he has succeeded. I will post it below. I love it. Just for me. ♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you for your support and continuous inspiration.



Next up is a tribute to my BFF and our matching tattoos.

Guess which one is mine 😉

(this photo has been stolen from Pinterest and is not our actual tattoos)



This next photo is a recent purchase I have made that is just too adorable not to share.



Rhi x

Twenty Eighteen

It’s a new year and everyone is writing their goals. Most of mine are written in the back of a notepad hidden. I feel as though the point is that you tried. Not so much whether you succeeded or if you failed. I don’t want it to be a competition. I want to do it on my own terms. And that’s why it’s in the back of the notebook that I always use and can always see.

My main goal I’d be happy to share with you all…

I want to finish my novel.

That’s it 🙂

I have been complaining that I want my own little space to write. And my boyfriend has just made it happen for me. He has bought and put together my own little nook for writing. I absolutely love it!!

My inspiration to sit down in my own little space and write is growing just looking at the picture. This is where you’ll find me every chance I get.

This is it…

I hope everyone gives their goals a go and has a wonderful year!

I’d love to hear your goals if you would like to share.

Stay tuned… I will try and work up the courage to post my draft synopsis of my novel.


Rhi x

When will the novel be finished?

The question that gets me every time. When will the novel be finished? When someone asks me, I will just direct them to this blog.

The reality is I just spent a whole day re-wording one paragraph. No matter how many people tell me not to edit too early… I do it. I second guess every sentence because it means so much to me. I’m passionate and that’s okay with me.

I envy the writers who structure their days around writing. I get too distracted for that. I will always be online checking my social media, or watching a TV show I’m obsessed with. I can’t get enough drama in my life. I suppose it can depend on my moods.

So I don’t know when it will be finished. I don’t have a set date. I can only promise I’ll be working on it every chance I get.

Rhi x

P.s. How I feel right now…



Favourite’s- Today’s anyway.

I think you can tell a lot about a writer by who their favourite books or authors are. In saying that, we all grow and change our minds. So I want to share what my favourites are… today’s anyway. 😉 

It gives me the chance to share the love I have for these books. I want to be able to promote the authors because they have done such an amazing job. Let other people go through the emotional ride as I have done. And in return, tell me yours! What are your favourite books? Or favourite authors? I want to be able to discover an amazing read through the grapevine. Make sure you comment below!


My number one favourite book series is called If I Break by Portia Moore. I read this series years ago for the first time, and so many times since. It blew my mind in the best possible way. It’s a book I will never forget. When my friends ask for a good series to read I tell them this one right away. I don’t even tell them what it is about. It’s always “read this… and just you wait for it”. I get so excited when people I know read this series. I always ask them daily to tell me where they are up to, so once again I can go along for the ride.


So I’m going to do the same for you guys. I’m not telling you anything about it. But if you want a book that will stay with you forever… this is it. Go and get it now! You’ll come back and thank me I promise. Well I hope so. 

Portia your mind is one of a kind. I can only hope I will be able to write something one day that effects someone the way your books have effected me. Thank you! Never stop. I will read absolutely anything write! 


My second favourite book series is called The Rosemary Beach Series By Abbi Glines. Book one in the series is called Fallen Too far. I think there is about fourteen books in this series. Normally if an author has this many books in a series they get repetitive and I’m left searching for another one. But with this series I wish it never ended. Luckily Abbi has plenty more series to read which I’m currently working my way through right now.

Wherever she gets her inspiration from… I want some. Every book has a completely different story from the last. Reading this series I have experienced every emotion known to man. And I have loved every second of it. 

There was one day I was reading on my work break out in the backroom and I was absolutely balling my eyes out. With actual noisy sobbing! One of my work colleagues was so worried about me I had to explain to her what was happening in the story. I told her thirty seconds worth of information and she was hooked too. She messaged me later on that night (because she knew I would have kept ready all afternoon) because she HAD to know what happened next after what I had told her earlier in the day. I finished that book in a day because I couldn’t stop. Between working a full 9-5 day at work too!

I hope I’ve given someone some new reading material. I really hope you love these books as much as me. Just to reiterate this isn’t a full on book review. I’m not talking about anyone’s grammar, etc. Just the stories that I love! Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favourite books below for me to read! 


Rhi x 




In the beginning. 



Last year before Christmas I started telling a few people I was writing a novel. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I’ve kept that secret for as long as I can remember. And there was always the self doubt in my mind… can I actually do this? Would people that know me think I’m crazy?

When I was in high school and everyone around me was obsessed with the Twilight series, I couldn’t understand why. I was that girl who couldn’t even read the assigned books for my English subject at school. But as it grew more popular I decided I’d jump on the bandwagon and see what the fuss was about.

Once I started it took me two days tops to read each book. It wasn’t the story or the characters that got me. It was the fact the pages in front of me took me to another place in this world. A place where you can forget who you are and be someone else. Feel things that you wouldn’t in your own situation. Dare to do things that your personality wouldn’t normally allow. Be anything or anyone, anywhere in the world. That fascinated me. That is where it all started.

I started writing. Little bits here and there when no one was around to see. My obsession for weird pens and cool notebooks arose and I couldn’t stop. My inspiration seemed to come from my dreams. If I had the same dream twice, it was like my mind telling me not to forget. To write it down!

I started to watch some YouTube videos on creative writing. I wasn’t at the top of my English class in school, I’d say I was just above average. I never really tried. This fact made me doubt myself a ridiculous amount. All the authors I knew of had further degrees and qualifications that did not compare to me. So I tried to learn as much as I could on the side of working full time. Some people in my writing groups who have done these higher education courses sent me their notes. I am forever grateful to those people. I learnt so much.

It was still very overwhelming wanting to do something but not knowing if you could or where to even start. I had one story in my mind that was just begging to come out and I didn’t know how to begin the process. Until I watched a YouTube video (yes YouTube again…It’s super helpful) that was about how to plot out your story with palm cards. You’re supposed to write down on a palm card something you want to happen in your story and then lay them out of the floor. It gives you a chance to order them and step back to have a look if you need to re-order. I loved this. I had twelve palm cards… which are now 12 chapters in my book (for now…). Learning this step from a quick video helped me structure my idea and prepare for the fun part… writing!

Apart from my notebooks filled with ramblings, just the fact I could see some progress for one of my ideas ignited the craziest feelings for me. I was so inspired that I have not stopped writing since! I’m now about halfway through my book-if you count a novel at 80,000 words. I get excited whenever I have free time to sit on my laptop. My job requires me to travel 2 hours a day so I get to use all that time on the train to write.

By now a lot of my close friends and family know about my book I’m working on. I can not believe I hid my secret for so long when now I have the most tremendous support. My heart is full and I have never been so passionate about anything before.

I’ve realised that I’m having so much fun and I need to forget about any self doubt. Or even ignore what other people will say if it’s negative. I’m writing a book because it makes me happy. It might take another few months, or even years. Who cares, I am enjoying it. Making myself happy is the only thing that matters.


Rhi x


P.s. Keep an eye out for a synopsis of my novel I’m working on! Won’t be long now.